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Advertising Campaign
Art & Design Direction

The challenge:
To capture the exciting new content on the NowTV platform with a range of OOH, online and console advertisements; over the entire campaign.

The approach:
Creating layout design templates that allowed for the clear showcasing of the three main categories offered, (drama, movies and sport); to be rolled-out across multiple channels.

Campaign Design Direction
Over the course of the campaign, many layouts and concept explorations were created in-order to develop and enhance the campaign direction delivery..
Campaign TV advertisement Art and Design Direction
A number of concepts were explored in order to portray the on-screen titles, so that the message is both better understood and retained by the audience.
Concepts were explored, looking at ways to intertwine the text with the imagery; this was to enable the viewer to engage better with the text, as they viewed the motion of the film.
Individual Drama & Campaign Design
Key artwork art and design direction to promote individual dramas, was designed across multiple platforms.
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