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Product Campaign Direction

The challenge:
To create a packaging concept in tune with Nokia’s fashion-focused Gold Edition handset.

The approach:
A luxurious bag people are proud to be seen with. Mobile phones are as much a fashion accessory as the clothes we wear, so it seemed right for Nokia’s trend-led new phone to come beautifully wrapped. The identified strategy was to create a bespoke carton and bag you’d normally only expect from designer fashion stores. The new Nokia brand motif was created as an exciting step on for the brand and adds to the sense of luxury.

Consumer and Market Trends
Campaign directions were explored looking at a more fashion-conscious consumer.
Brand Communication
The chosen campaign direction was applied to a number of concepts.
Selection of  product detailing concepts looking at premiumising the brand experience.
Packaging Detailing
Gold foil detailing and the spot UV brand motif pattern, created a sense of luxury, which set the Gold Edition range, apart from other handsets. The created brand motif, became the branding for all Gold Edition brand communications.
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