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Google 'For Good' Campaign to highlight
their ethical work

The challenge:
Create a collection of poster artworks that will be displayed at Google’s pop-up studio at Davos. The brief was to focus on the positive impact that Google’s technology has made, to real-life global issues; and not to primarily promote the Google brand.

The approach
A campaign design rationale was created, that helped to tell the story as a connecting series of posters that would lead the viewer from their initial entry at studio entrance and then throughout the studio space.
Taking inspiration from rail map connections, geometric shapes and the notion of worldwide connectivity, to create a visual journey through the collection of posters in this campaign. The connections highlighted the benefits of Google's technology that connected and informed people from all around the world; thus, saving lives.
The concept
Early concepts looked at connecting the posters through a simple line that ran from first to finish, with connections to highlight any copy on the poster. Later a network of lines and geometric shapes were added to further highlight multiple connections from many sources.
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