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Flow by Workplace

Short film Storyboarding &
Asset Design creation

The challenge:
Flow is a global leadership summit from Workplace by Facebook. The task was to create an 2-3 minute introduction film to ‘kick-off’ the summit. A short film to attract the audiences’ attention.

The approach

To creat a short film as a showcase of big-name brands that are all successfully using Workplace, to highlight the key benefits of using the platform.

The storyboards
To take the audience on a journey through the different companies, as the camera ‘weaves’ in and out of each Workplace screen. Key product features were animated to inform the viewer on how this could also benefit them.
The Art & Design Direction
The storyboard assets were artworked, ready for the animators to create the film.
The Final Film
The final intro film, opened Flow 2019 in California, to a great reception from both the audience and the Facebook creative team.
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