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Workplace advertising campaign,

narrative directions

The approach:
Building on the existing Workplace campaign creative, fast-paced 10 second animated films were created to follow a user journey. These short films were to be snappy, captivating and bold, to compete with the rest of the social media (!).

The concept
The illustrated elements, visually tell the story of the Workplace features.

The camera follows the line, so that the audience is hooked in from the films beginning and led through the messages.
Storyboarding concepts
Within the videos, the titles are dynamically placed within the frame, so the line weaves through the scene in an eye-catching way.

Titles are the main takeout from the films to ensure the message is delivered, clearly and succinctly.
Each storyboard was created over three screens, ‘start’, ‘middle’ and ‘end’. From which the animators created 5-10 second clips.

The aim was to make the first three seconds of each film intriguing, ensuring that the audiences attention is piqued.
The final campaign was successfully rolled-out, at a number of international airports and later adapted for online social media platforms.
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