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Packaging Direction & Accessories Packaging

The challenge:
A graphic solution to help BlackBerry users discover the accessories available and choose which ones are right for them.

The approach:
Strategic colour coding. The first task was to standardise the core range of accessories using an easy to navigate, colour coded tab system. This allows users to clearly see which accessories are compatible with a specific handset. It’s a concept that stands out on-shelf too, helping set BlackBerry’s own accessories apart from others in-store, and strengthening the brand. The concept has since been applied to BlackBerry’s entire range of accessories, across several global regions.

Brand Packaging Direction
Three packaging directions were pursued and 'Precision-Engineered-Professional', was chosen as the final direction. This became the brand DNA for the forthcoming handsets and accessories.
Concept & Design Development
Selection of initial concepts looking at the brand DNA and how that translates to the on-pack graphic language.
Colour coded phone compatibility solution that set the packaging brand guidelines for future BlackBerry product packaging.
The brand strategy and visual language was designed to communicate the business’ principles, authenticity, and quality across all customer touchpoints.
Brand Guidelines
Packaging brand guidelines were created for each of the product categories across each of the global regions that the brand operates.
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